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Lawn Managers

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Tree & Shrub Care Service and Maintenance

Tree & Shrub Care Service and Maintenance

Tree & Shrub Care Service and Maintenance

Serving St. Louis and surrounding areas since 1979.

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Let Us Protect Your Valuable Trees and Shrubs

As a homeowner with an investment in either an established landscape or in newly planted trees and shrubs, it's important you protect your investment that adds so much to the value of your home.

In order for your trees and shrubs to have better health and optimum growth, they need special care.  Most trees and shrubs are planted in low fertility soils close to buildings and streets, therefore the root growth is restricted and starved of the essential mineral elements they need.

We Treat Your Trees and Shrubs Using Only the Most Effective Insecticides and Fertilizers

  • Reports on problems that aren't disease related, like pruning, drainage, mulching, etc.

  • Advice on the nutritional needs of your trees and shrubs.

  • A thorough insect and disease analysis identifying trees or shrubs having problems

  • A firm price quote so you know exactly how much the service will cost.

  • We also offer a miticides program for spider mites

What Our Customers Have to Say

Kelly R.

"I highly recommend Lawn Managers. I’ve had other companies treat my lawn in the past and never saw any results. With Lawn Managers, I immediate saw the weeds dying out and the grass started growing thicker and greener than ever. I really feel like I am getting my money’s worth plus more with this company."

Danna C.

"Great company!! Wonderful customer service and the lawns look fantastic!!!"

Karen M.

"Can't say enough good things about Lawn Managers. We had a national company who kept postponing our service and never really got our lawn looking good. Since starting with Lawn Managers our lawn looks fantastic Have had several neighbors stop by and even come to our door asking who services our lawn."

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